✔ Lifetime (pay only once)

✔ Block Melee Attacks

✔ Block Kicks

✔ Auto Lock On

✔ Auto Riposte

✔ In-Game Mouse Driven Menu

✔ Radar For Friendly/Enemy Players

✔ Enable ESP

✔ Battle Royale Mode

✔ Show Friendly ESP

✔ Name ESP

✔ Distance ESP

✔ Stamina ESP

✔ HeadDot ESP

Auto Blocking

Auto Aim

✔ Smooth Aim

✔ Aim Bone (Head Priority, Chest Priority, Head, Chest)

✔ Aim Style (FOV, Distance, First in list, Health)

✔ Bullet Speed Prediction

✔ Frontline Mode Supported

✔ Battle Royale Mode Supported

✔ Horde Mode Supported

✔ Skirmish Mode Supported

✔ Deathmatch Mode Supported

Instantly increase your Mordhau skill level with our melee automation cheat features. With the help of the WildCheats features, automatically block your opponent’s attacks so you can focus on other areas of combat like your positioning, feints, and attacks. Whenever an opponent attacks, the cheat will automatically attempt to block, not only melee attacks but kicks as well. Choose whether to enable our auto lock-on feature to keep your view locked to your opponent, and also automatically turn to even block attacks from other directions as well!


Be a force to be reckoned with whether playing in team modes, or in battle royale. Use our 3D esp in team-fights to quickly identify targets and avoid being flanked. ESP features include tracelines, health ESP, stamina ESP and more. Gain the upper hand when playing a ranged class by being able to see where the enemy is at all times on the battlefield.


In Battle Royale, use the 3D ESP to hunt down your opponents and eliminate them, while you slay your way through everyone who stands in the way of #1!